How to weave a 4-in-1 chain maille pattern

In this video, I show how to create a 4-in-1 European Chain Maille weave.  You can use this pattern to create armours, helmets, gloves, pants, and even jewelry.  The 4-in-1 chainmail weave is the one I recommend to anyone starting off in Chainmaille, which allows you to practice opening and closing rings, and is a very easy and versatile weave which can be used for many chain mail projects.

Chain Maille Art Channel Trailer

Welcome to the Chain Maille Art YouTube Channel.  This channel, along with the upcoming web page, will focus on the art of making chain maille, from cutting jump rings to assembling basic and advanced armor and jewelry.

From Chain Maille, to Chainmaille, to Chain Mail to Chainmail, this channel and blog will help guide you with your chain maille projects.

Welcome to

Hi everyone, welcome to the website, where I will be discussing the art of creating Chain Maille projects.  Chain Maille can have different names, from Chain Maille to Chainmaille, including Chainmail and Chain Mail, which will be the subject of a future video / blog post, but rest assured they are all one and the same: linking jump rings together to create armours, clothes, and jewelry.